Entrepreneurship is NOT for the Faint of Heart

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.

It takes a special kind of person with a unique set of skills and intrinsic characteristics to take the risk of pursuing one’s passion in lieu of holding a secure job with a predictable income. That being said, there are elements of entrepreneurship which can be learned and mastered in order to make the journey towards sustainable success more attainable. Here are five core principles for success that can be implemented at any stage along the entrepreneurial road:

Curiosity – Be curious. Be hungry for knowledge. Be a life-long learner. Be a risk-taker, within reason, and above all else, ask questions.

If you feel uncomfortable asking others directly for answers to your questions, jot them down on a notepad and conduct your own research. You don’t have to share them with anyone other than yourself. Remember, that there is no such thing as a stupid question. No matter which field you are in or how experienced you are, there will always be new things to learn. This is especially true in the vast world of entrepreneurship. With the efficiency of social media these days, it is fairly easy to find the answers to many of your most pressing questions. Google and YouTube are excellent free resources where you can find the answers to just about anything your imagination can conceive. Be fearless. Be bold. Be daring. Above all else, dig your heels in deep and research every topic imaginable related to your field. You can educate yourself by surfing the web for credible resources, reading articles that are relevant to your area of interest and/or signing up for informative webinars, many of which are free to join.

Courage – Many people are afraid to ask others for what they truly need for fear that they’ll be rejected, laughed at, or ignored altogether. Sound familiar?

Know anyone like this? Perhaps it’s you.  If so, you are not alone. Many people have a difficult time asking for advice or help when they need it most. This is especially true of new business owners who are just starting out.  What you may not realize, however, is that when you fail to ask, the answer will always be, without any doubt, “No.” However, if you are willing to step outside your comfort zone, even if just for a moment, and ask for a little help along the way, there is at least a slight possibility that you might get the answers you were seeking all along. Therefore, never hesitate to ask for guidance from those that have already traveled the path you are about to venture on. After all, even the most experienced and successful business owner once started out as a beginner.

Commitment – Commitment involves more than just hard work. It requires discipline, action and a consistent effort on your part to work even when you feel less than enthusiastic to do so.

Confidence is by far the most important, yet often overlooked, component to achieving your goals…

Making a commitment to yourself to do the very best that you can is a great start, but it may not be enough.  Entrepreneurship actually demands accountability. Commitment also involves creating ways to hold yourself accountable. One of the best ways to stay committed and focused on your goal is to tell others about what it is that you want to accomplish and the time frame in which you would like to accomplish it. This is referred to as the accountability factor. It simply means that you share your goals, hopes, and dreams you want to achieve in your personal life and business with those who will hold you accountable.  The accountability factor, when enforced, is powerful. It can help you to stay focused and on track, especially on the days when you really want to give up.


Collaboration – Simply stated, there is strength is numbers. When two or people come together with a similar dream to achieve a common purpose, good things happen.

As such, take the opportunities that are given to you. When you are given the chance, collaborate with others who share similar interests as you. If the opportunities do not come directly to you, go forth and create your own opportunities. Think of something you’d really like to achieve and ask others if they’d be willing to join you along the way. Use the power of social media to connect and network with others.  Facebook groups are gaining in popularity and are a great way to meet other online entrepreneurs.  If you don’t know how to do any of these things, allow your curiosity to take you away. Do a little research. Do a lot of research. Do as much as you can on your own, but reach out to others to help you get the task done. Whatever you do, just get it done!

Confidence – Confidence is by far the most important, yet often overlooked, component to achieving your goals on the journey of entrepreneurship.

Without it, you set yourself up for anything less than the best possible outcome in your personal and professional affairs. You can be the most educated, well-spoken, and organized person in the world, but without confidence in yourself and your abilities, you may not attain the level of success you desire. Many new business owners are under the assumption that they must have every single detail carefully planned out on paper before sharing their gifts and services with the world. Even more, many new business owners operate under the notion that they have to be an expert at everything in their field before they can begin offering their services. While having a strategic business plan in place and a solid education behind you add to your credibility as a business owner, they are not the sole determining factors in predicting whether your business venture will ultimately fail or succeed. What matters most is the determination, courage, passion, and perseverance it will take, day in and day out, to ultimately reach your goal. All of these components all boil down to one thing… CONFIDENCE!

In short, if you are one of the brave souls who has chosen entrepreneurship as a way of life, congratulations! At least you are willing to take a risk at pursuing your passion. Regardless of where you’re at along the journey, keep in mind The Five Core Formula to Success: Curiosity, Courage, Commitment, Collaboration, and Confidence. Implement each of these principles now and refer to them regularly as they will guide you towards the path of sustainable entrepreneurial success in years to come.

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