“When I met Lisa Marie, I had just found out I was pregnant, had to quit my job and move back in with family due to health issues, and had no plan. I was anxious but hopeful! Lisa Marie helped me figure out my many, many goals and put a plan in motion. I started a new 9-5, I began my journey into Real Estate, I became more driven in my Direct Sales business (with 3 new recruits!!), AND managed to be more present at home. My husband saw many changes in me during my pregnancy physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I could express my fears without fear of judgement. Lisa Marie helped me vocalize my deepest desires. I still have some goals to achieve but I attack them with a new mindset than I had 1 year ago. (Yes, Lisa Marie! It has been one year since I began my journey with you!!)

Life and Business Coaches are everywhere. I’m sure many of them are very good but if you want real results, love, compassion, and motivation, Lisa Marie should be the only one on your radar. I would highly recommend her. I am happy I took the leap to sign up for a package and even happier to have such a genuine ally. Cheers to your growing community! With love and gratitude…”
– Peya Robbins, Independent Scentsy Consultant, New York, NY, US

“Upon hiring Lisa Marie Pepe as my business coach I soon realized the incredible amount of business building I was able to get done from our one hour sessions.  Lisa Marie’s sessions are full of online strategy, business building, and confidence building.  She has the education and experience and offered a higher level of coaching than what I had experienced before.  Her background in psychology shines through enabling her to understand the mental strength it takes to be an entrepreneur and guides you every step of the way. I highly recommend Lisa Marie as one of the top coaches in the industry.”
– Jennifer Gomm, The Business Flipper, Entrepreneur Maker, Six-Figure Salary Coach, Massachusetts, US

“Lisa Marie is a treasure. Working with her, I learned about numerous ways to increase my visibility online without being bowled over by social media stress. Her sessions are jam-packed with value, and when I finished working with her I was able to create a visibility strategy using simple but effective techniques I never would’ve known before. If you’re looking for a way to streamline your online presence and take the confusion and stress out of it all, Lisa Marie is your girl!”
– Jennifer Rohner, Empowerment Coach for New Entrepreneurs, North Carolina, US

“I just finished up a 2-Hour VIP Intensive with Lisa Marie and it was amazing! She helped me to work through a variety of issues, including my limiting beliefs and helped me to create a new set of positive affirmations to take their place. She helped me to become laser focused for the next steps in my business, redefine my mission and my niche and what I have to offer my ideal clients. I also came away from our session with a clearly defined inspired action-plan. Now I know exactly what my next steps are going to be! Thanks to Lisa Marie, I am excited about moving my business forward in 2016!”
– Elizabeth Shipstead, Blogger, The Rural Sisterhood, Montana. US

“I found in Lisa Marie Pepe not only a Coach, but a mentor and a friend. As a recently Certified Life coach I was in need of direction and I needed the motivation to get my coaching business started on the right foot. Lisa Marie provided me with both. I enrolled in a single VIP session with her, but it turned out to be more than I expected! We were able to accomplish and we worked really well together. I believe sharing some of the same core values helped a lot. During the next two weeks that followed our first session, without any promotion from my part people began to approach me asking for my coaching services. I guess once I got crystal clear on my message, something shifted energetically and began to flow my way. I still am very susprised by that. Thanks to Lisa Marie and her guidance I now feel more confident to undertake my coaching business.”
– Evelina Garcia, Empowerment Coach for Latino Women, Mexico

“I just have to say it!! I have been working with Lisa Marie Pepe as my Business Coach for the past two months, and she is amazing!!I learn so much from her during each and every session and my business is growing as a result!! Thank you, my friend!!! You are the best!!”
Deb Defoe Smith, Network Marketer, North Carolina, US

“Lisa Marie is an amazing Life and Business Coach! She has inspired me on many occasions and kept me on track on a weekly basis with my goals. She truly cares about you as a person and I feel very blessed to have met Lisa Marie.”
– K. Trapp, CT, US

“I felt like I was in a washing machine on a constant spin cycle when I realized I had to swallow my pride and ASK for guidance!  I couldn’t make a decision to take the next step.  I had come across Lisa Marie Pepe through a mutual friend, and thought, “Hey, it can’t hurt to give her a call.”  I’m writing this to let others who have ever taken a wrong turn or tripped and fell and needed someone to understand them. I’m sure we all can all agree that life seems that much better when we know someone truly empathizes and understands us and can spiritually and mindfully guide us towards our next adventure in this wild life! When I spoke with Lisa Marie, she had a natural, trusting and comforting way about her that made me instantly feel at ease. Her wisdom and experiences helped draw out what it was I really wanted, but had neglected to address! My experience with Lisa Marie was captivating, soulful, uplifting and transforming! Lisa Marie has a gift; she can empathize with you while helping you to see that there are more options than you can see, and she becomes your number one advocate. If you’re feeling like you’re at a crossroads at any age and whatever professional point in your life, I highly recommend Lisa Marie Pepe!  Lets be honest its better to turn on our GPS (Lisa Marie Pepe in this case) when we are lost rather than trying to find our way alone!!!! Lisa Marie, thank you! You helped me find my way and re-ignited a passion that I always knew was deep inside me. I just needed someone to help me see it and guide me through the next step. Thank you for being that person, Lisa Marie.
– Jackie Plagesse, CT, US