Abundance: An Infinite Source

Infinite Sources of Abundance are Already Within and Around You.

You can manifest abundance in all areas of your life – if you’re committed to doing the work. Once you commit to the process there’s no turning back, though. You’ve got to be all in or all out; there’s no in-between. If you are serious about creating a life in which abundance flows freely, you’ll need to make a few simple, but significant life changes. The process is not as complicated as you think. In fact, once you understand the underlying principles of opening yourself up to accept the infinite sources of abundance that are already within and around you, you’ll see that it’s really quite simple. Yes, there are a few things you must do each day, but little by little, you will begin to see a shift in the way that you think about yourself, your goals, and your life.

To start, you must be willing to open your mind. Take a few minutes each day to breathe deeply and visualize what your ideal future looks like. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Take this time to get crystal clear about what it is that you truly desire. What does it look like? How does it feel? Amazing? Exciting? Exhilarating?  When do you want it to happen? Next week? Next month? A year from now?

Once you’ve opened your mind to manifest abundance in your life, take tangible steps to turn your conceptions into beliefs. For example, if you envision yourself in a better, more satisfying career in the next six months, write it down in a notebook where you’ll see it every day. Always begin with, “I am…” – this subconsciously programs your mind to believe as though such dreams have already come true.

Abundance and The Power of Positive Affirmations

One of my favorite ways to manifest the desires of my heart, is to write down several positive self-affirming statements each morning such as, “I Am Happy” and “I Am Blessed” in my journal and on Post-It notes. I literally post my little love notes in several different places in my house so that I am constantly reminded of my desires throughout the day. I also have all of my affirmations posted on the wall right in front of my elliptical trainer. While I exercise every morning on the elliptical for about 30 minutes or so instead of staring at mind-numbing news on the TV, I look at the phrases in front of me and say them silently over and over again. Yes, I do this every morning, without fail. I have had some major breakthroughs by doing this each day for the past several months. Pessimists may say this is nothing more than wishful thinking… then again, those are the same people who will still be complaining and unsatisfied a year from now while you are already well on your way to living more abundantly.Infinite Sources of Abundance are Already Within and Around You

So now that you’ve clarified your desires and taken steps to turn these desires into beliefs, it’s time to take action! Using the example of wanting to be in a new, more rewarding career within the next six months, complete at least one simple action every single day that will move you further along the journey. For instance, work on tweaking your resume a little each day, interview people in other fields which you feel drawn to. Last, but not least, reach out to a counselor or Life Coach who can help you along the way.

I promise you this: six months from now you will either be that much closer to achieving your goals or you will be exactly where you are right here, right now… unsatisfied, unfulfilled, and merely existing. Ultimately, the choice is yours, though. There is nothing stopping you right at this very moment from taking the next step towards manifesting more abundance in your life. I’ve done it and I know you can, too – if you’re committed to the process.

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